Nvoke Consulting Group

Nvoke Consulting required a company website for their information technology consulting company. The website needed to promote their managed service packages with a modern professional flare to help capture new clients. I created the website, logo and various elements of company branding.

Direct Bill Provider Directory

While working as a Senior Web Developer & UI Specialist at Alberta Blue Cross I created the original Provider Directory located on their homepage and worked on the team to create the latest version. The Provider Directory uses Google Maps and operates from an Oracle database I created of all Alberta Blue Cross direct bill providers.

Sonic Industrial

Sonic Onsite Services required another website for a new subsidiary of their company named Sonic Industrial. I was tasked with creating their new website, assisting them with new branding additions and providing technical support for the email configurations of various staff members.

Royal Lawn Bowling

This project was a website redesign project requested by Royal Lawns located beside the Alberta Legislature building. The project required creating systems and documentation so staff could update content. Some of the requirements were creating a gallery as well as game scheduling system within WordPress so staff could maintain the content.

Alberta Blue Cross – Lead Tracker

While working at Alberta Blue Cross as a Senior Web Developer & UI Specialist I created a sales lead tracking system for our Group Sales department. The Lead Tracker was developed in a variety of technologies to make an efficient method to assign and report on sales leads across the entire province of Alberta.

Kingsway Instructional Centre

While working as a Graphic Design Instructor for the Kingsway Instructional Centre, I developed their website as well as created their branding package and handled all of the course registrations. The website allowed students to register for a course, view the instructors and gather information regarding all of the courses available.

Digital Advertisement Displays

While working at Alberta Blue Cross as a Senior Web Developer & UI Specialist, I worked with our Facilities area to innovate some advertising screens for the buildings lobby. These digital screens were placed in several buildings above the elevators as well as within our Customer Services area. I also developed and trained employees on how to update the content.

Redesign of the Plan Member Site

While working at the Senior Web Developer & UI Specialist at Alberta Blue Cross, I developed the prototype used to create the first mobile member website. I presented a variety of prototypes to Alberta Blue Cross Executive Committee members during JAD sessions where UI selections were made to deal with complex data displayed on mobile devices.

Customer Claim Review Process

While working at Alberta Blue Cross, I developed a high fidelity prototype and the processes use to review members claims. I created the first mobile and desktop receipt submission used within the organization to process customer claims. I presented the technology and process before it was integrated into our existing systems by our application development team.

Customer Plan Quote Tool

While working at Alberta Blue Cross, I developed a high fidelity working prototype of the customer quote tool. The tool was integrated with an existing system and I worked closely with application developers to recreate the UI after the prototype was approved for production.

Customer Conversion Forms

While working at the Alberta Blue Cross, I developed forms to automate a paper process used by our Sales department to assist in the conversion of customers into different services. The forms allowed for agents to receive their sales commissions and the technology is still used today within the organization.

Kurie Law

I was requested to develop a website for Kurie Law Group as well as assist them with maintaining their branding as they created their own law firm. The project involved logo design, website development and consultations regarding UI choices to create a professional design within the legal industry.

Smoothie Basics

Smoothie Basics contacted me to create a website for their company and consultations regarding to marketing their services. I developed the website, handled updates and helped my client to drive more customers to the site using contests as well as email marketing campaigns using Mail Chimp.

Sonic Onsite

My client Sonic Onsite required their website to be redeveloped as well as support creating email accounts and then configuring them with staff. In addition to the development, I provided my client with a wide variety of technical and marketing consultations to help support the continued growth of their business installing various technologies.

Credit Angels

I worked with Credit Angels to develop a website and finance approval application to compete with Canada Drives. The finance application form was the core purpose of the site and allowed for a very smooth experience for mobile users using a very modern form submission technology.

Customer Services Kiosk Computer

While working at Alberta Blue Cross, I helped to build the Customer Services Kiosk computer used within Blue Cross Place by our customers. The project required developing screens that matched our brochures, a simplified UI with appropriate security restrictions in place to limit user actions and processes to support the ongoing maintenance.