2020 Demo Reel

This video is a demo reel of my work in multimedia and web development. Within the content you will find examples of my graphic design, web development, motion graphics, 3D and studio production presented in an innovative fashion. Please take a moment to view this before exploring the rest of my portfolio.

Innovation Challenge Introduction

Working as the Lead of Innovative Technologies at Alberta Blue Cross, I was tasked with creating a video explaining our high level process used to support innovation. This video was shown to all employees within the organization to introduce them to innovation within the organization and very well received by the executive committee.

Evaluation Process Video

After working through the Lean Canvas Model at Startup Edmonton, the Alberta Blue Cross Future Leaders Group was tasked with presenting an overview of our innovation evaluation process. While working on that team, I created this short video to explain the details of the process using a creative story telling approach.

SDA Church – Here I Stand

While working with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, I created a script, record audio, edited video and green screened actors to produce this promotional video for the 300th anniversary of Martin Luther and his work during the reformation.

EZ Tube 3D Logo Bumper

A YouTube channel named EZ Tube wanted a new logo bumper to use within the media created for their channel. The client wanted something that had some 3D elements containing mechanical parts that was edgy and innovative. I created the logo design, motion graphics and handled the audio production for this project.

D.A.R.E – GNAAS Initiative

D.A.R.E - GNAAS Initiative Project Overview Students from the University of Ghana asked me to help them create a promotional video to promote speakers who would be coming to speak at the University. The program [...]

EZ News YouTube Intro Bumper

This video was created for EZ News which was a segment hosted on a YouTube channel. The intro was created using After Effects, Photoshop, Element 3D and I shot this within my green screen studio at home.

Photoshop Course Hosted by Jason Hogan (Promo)

This video is from a series of Photoshop training classes I offered while volunteering at the Kingsway Instructional College. Different professionals donated their time each week to provide free training to the community and I helped as a Graphics Design Instructor.

Ninja Trap & Visualizer

After purchasing a Maschine, Melodyne and getting more involved in audio production, I took a crack at producing a song. This is a track I produced and then applied some visuals using After Effects.