February 24, 2020

AgSmart Event Map 2020

AgSmart Farms 2020 Project Overview AgSmart needed a map created for their 2020 AgSmart Farm event taking place in August of 2020. I worked closely with the client to determine what elements needed to be [...]
February 24, 2020

YEGTek Tech Support

YEGTek Tech Support Project Overview A new managed services and technical support company required a pamphlet created to outline some of their services and provide basic information. Project Details Engaged in several discussions to determine [...]
February 22, 2020

Customer Quote Tool

Customer Quote Tool Project Overview While working at Alberta Blue Cross, I was involved in a collaborative project with Information Technology to provide customers with a quote where they could begin their application for a [...]
February 22, 2020

GQ Barbershop Business Cards

GQ Barbershop Business Cards Project Overview The client contacted me requiring business cards as well as a logo created for their new barbershop with a design flexible enough that they could easily change the contact [...]
February 22, 2020

The Journey – 2018 ROI Presentation

The Journey - 2018 ROI Presentation Project Overview While I was working in the the Learning & Development department of Alberta Blue Cross I was tasked with presenting the departments journey and displaying the ROI [...]
February 21, 2020

Central Seventh Day Adventist Church Events

Seventh Day Adventist Church Events Project Overview As a member of the REACH committee at Edmonton Central Seventh Day Adventist Church, I would create media for a variety of different events taking place at the [...]
February 21, 2020

Canada Day Pancake Breakfast

Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Project Overview The Kingsway Instructional Centre and Seventh Day Adventist church wanted to wrap up their free educational course offering with a pancake breakfast on Canada Day. This project consisted of [...]
February 20, 2020

KIC Course Promo

Kingsway Instructional Centre Courses Project Overview The Kingsway Instructional Centre is a non for profit education institution located in the Kingsway area of Edmonton. The company consists of unpaid professionals who donate their time to [...]