Jason Hogan

Creativity + Logic + Passion = Strong Innovations

Jason Hogan holding iPad


Strong pattern recognition, reasoning skills and attention to details.

Strong Public Speaker

A natural performer who entertains crowds and enjoys the energy of a large audience.


A natural innovator with experience creating, driving and refining innovation.

My Skillset

A Multimedia Professional

With 20 years of experience, Jason has refined a wide range of skills in multimedia. Some his projects include motion graphics, Video editing, 3D, Web Development, e-Learning, Audio Editing and much more!

  My portfolio  

An Innovation Powerhouse

A strong innovator with real experience driving innovation, developing recognition systems and helping to change a culture within a large corporate environment. Adept in all the steps between concept and implementation.

Corporate Training and Adult Learning

Creating and delivering curriculum using a wide array of multimedia and teaching business professional various technical and non-technical subjects.

A User Interface Specialist

A skilled interface designer and web developer that has been involved in a great deal of user testing, development and creating best practices.

Portfolio Examples

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