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I have a wealth of experience with different technologies and here are a few examples worth a mention:

  • UI/UX consultations and development
  • Website consultations and development
  • Leading web development teams
  • Building and driving innovation programs
  • Developing employee recognition systems
  • Motion graphics and 3D
  • Commercials and promotional videos
  • Product tutorials and manuals
  • Corporate digitized welcome boards
  • Kiosk solutions
  • Retail photography
  • Mobile check payment
  • Custom solutions for customer lead tracking
  • Location databases with GPS navigation
  • E-Learns

…And so much more!



Innovation is the big “buzz word” these days. I have been fortunate being able develope and drive an innovation program for a major corporation and during that time I gained the following experience:

  • Building business processes to support innovation
  • Creating a knowledge hub for all things innovation
  • Developing a corporate recognition system for employees
  • Building and supporting a corporate innovation process
  • Meeting with various business stakeholders to discuss impact, risks and solutions
  • Prototyping at different levels and measures
  • Creating engaging communications using different mediums
  • Creating change management strategies affecting various levels
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Passion For Technology

Anyone who has worked with me knows I push technology to its limits!

When I learn a new skill, the first thing I find myself doing is seeing what breaks it and where its limitations are. I enjoy experimenting and combining technologies to create new things.

Cutting Edge UX Design

Your customers deserve the best user experience available!


A brainstorming machine

Strong Public Speaker

I like the energy from big crowds

Technology Enthusiast

Pushing everything I learn to its limits

Highly Adaptive

Not afraid of new challenges

My Skills

I have a diverse set of skils accumlated from a plethora of different project types and roles over the years. Whether you are looking for that creative edge, process creation, consultations, web developments or journeying down that road of corporate innovation… I have learned a lot of best practices that can save you both time and money!

Creative Design
Web Development
Public Speaking

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February 21, 2020

EZ Tube – Vegan Shake Promo

EZ Tube - Vegan Shake Promo Project Overview EZ Tube wanted to create a video detailing how to make a healthy morning shake. The client required video shooting, editing and some motion graphics prepared. Project [...]
February 21, 2020

Ninja Trap & Visualizer

Ninja Trap Visualizer Project Overview With the recent purchase of a Maschine, I decided to get to work creating my own song using trap music samples. Once the project was finished, I wanted to place [...]
February 21, 2020

SDA Church – Here I Stand

SDA Church - Here I Stand Project Overview With the 300th anniversary of the reformation, the Seventh Day Adventist church asked me to work with the youth group to create a promotional video. The video [...]